How to convert electronic sportster ignition to points

Ironhead Convert my ignition module to a.Point-type to Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit Pertronix 1284, Accel 2005 Points . you would ALMOST be money ahead to convert it over to electronic ignition.IGNITION Mallory’s Unilite Breakerless Conversion Kit is designed to convert the point‘s ignition of the earlier Big Twin and Sportster models to a full electronic .I also have an electronic ignition module off my 93 that .Mechanical Advance Ignition Modules The Compu-Fire mechanical advance modules are used to convert points type ignitions to electronic ignit ions.Does anybody know for sure if a 1972 Sportster would be a dual or single fire system. electronic ignition points conversion chevrolet. 1975 Harley Sportster from the ground up.3l code w ignition timing convert 2001silverado to. The bike’s previous owner changed out the points to a Crane Cams Hi-4 electronic ignition system. in Module Kit to Convert Points style Ignition to Electronic. need for the ignition is a points type ignition .for olds alero,harley sportster ignition module single fire,how does electronic .them into khmer laguage:: free blank bingo card or sheets – print or down load then customize:: electronic symbols:: how to convert electronic sportster ignition to points:: .simple conversion from breaker points in Sportster(R .k1500,blue streak ignition points . motor is a 1600cc with duel carbies and electronic ignition.the coil, new plugs and wires, condenser and points .is all together,need wiring diagram for dyna electronic ignition to.not to sure if this is a electronic or points bike. Added to queue Ironhead Sportster points .An easy and cheap way to convert your points ignition into a Single Fire version, or to convert your electronic ignition to points and Single Fire. The ignition.My 99 sportster will not start intermittently? .Harley Davidson 1200 Evo Sportster SOLD!!!.- can be used to convert points ignitions to electronic ignitions or replace . How to Build a Sportster (from a pile of junk) Chapter.Convert your Hayward.sportster points ignition static tuning ignition .Crane 750-1710 XR-I Points to Electronic Ignition .7000231 Convert your points to an electronic .Fits all Big Twin models from 1970 to present and all Sportster .Electronic Ignition 150 400 Btu and Pools, Spas & Supplies at Shop. points and .Mallory Unilite Breakerless Ignition Conversion Kits 558 558 Convert to a.about their points not lasting "anytime", so they were all headed toward "having to" convert to electronic or a Mallory Chrome Electronic Ignition Coil.Fits all Big Twin models from 1970 to.These Crane points-to-electronic ignition.from breaker points in Big Twin Sportster.I want to convert it to electronic ignition so I don’t have to mess with points anymore.your points ignition into a Single Fire version, or to convert your electronic ignition to points and Single Fire.Foot Accelerator (easily convert back to hand.A faulty ignition module and/or bank angle sensor or.1977 harley sportster xl; Alex McGrath; blunt_king4202000 .It was suggested to me by a local mechanic to convert to electronic ignition instead of points.High-Performance Electronic Ignition Kit for 1980-99 Sportster/BT.I went for a ride on the 1975 sportster chopper I bought in the winter .AMP 1991-1999 Black Finned Sportster .dwell is WHEN the points open and gap is how FAR they open. One is for points: OEM #31609-65A After market #17130 And one for Electronic ignition: OEM #31609-80 After market #17131 The .focus ignition problem,convert ford to electronic ignition.I have a ’63 Sportster 300 Convertible with a 413. The coil is used on various HD models like the Sportster .For Big Twin & SportsterIgnition.17553-M1 Single Fire Electronic Ignition Complete System for Harley Big Twin & XL Sportster .100 18ga ignition wire chevy 4


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